How your leftover McDonalds is recooked and sold by this family to survive.

How your leftover McDonalds is recooked and sold by this family to survive.

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With more than 600,000 people live in Manila’s slum district of Tondo, the worst of the conditions can be found at Tondo’s ‘Happyland’ BRGY105 where the population has grown from around 3,500 in 2006 to more than 12,000 today.

Marjorie and Tasyana are two single mothers who for the last 12 years have lived there. Spending each day going through McDonalds leftovers to survive. Recooking and selling what is locally known in the slum as Pagpag a dish made from bits of meat found in the trash.

They sell the recooked food to hungry families in the slums for 30p per bag. Earning around £3 per day, they both face the daily struggle to try and put their children through education as well as trying to survive in their one room shack with no shower and no bed. 

Marjorie wants to provide her children with an education so when she is no longer here, they will at least have the foundations of knowledge to hopefully leave Happyland behind.

We came across their harrowing story whilst visiting the slum in Tondo recently. Cautious at first, they decided to let us into their lives, and it quickly became clear that the issues they faced went beyond earning money. Poverty, severe malnutrition and disease is an everyday reality for Marjorie and Tasyana’s family. 

Together, we can provide both families with a new home to live in, beds to sleep in and give their children an education that will support them with a new future so can leave Happyland once and for good.

Special thanks to: Paul Setares, Bei Yuh, Eira Miguel, Gabby Banares, Nathasia Yazon.

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