Leftover Turkey Carnitas

Leftover Turkey Carnitas

As the Thanksgiving meal draws to a close, the compliments of the dinner turn to questions of, “Does anyone want the leftovers?” No matter how good the meal — or how carefully quantities are planned — the amount and what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers is daunting. However, with this recipe for carnitas-style turkey tacos made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey, inspired by Serious Eats, your turkey troubles are toast.

Using the leftover turkey and spicing it up is a tasty and delicious way to use up the turkey. Since roasted turkey can get kind of ho-hum, serving the leftovers with a different seasoning helps keep boring at bay. Oranges, onions and bay leaves build a savory and citrusy layer into the meat.

There is an added nutritional benefit to this turkey “carnitas” recipe: bone broth for your freezer. Using the turkey bones releases the nutrients collagen, glutamine and glycine, all of which aid in the rebuilding of the stomach lining and infuse the body with vital minerals. Which, after a Thanksgiving meal, we all probably need. Bone broth helps in other ways, too, like joint flexibility, cellulite reduction and boosting the immune system.

When you reimagine your Thanksgiving leftovers into a delicious south-of-the-border meal, there’s no need to worry about who is taking home the leftover turkey. With this recipe, everyone will be fighting for the leftovers!

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